Do You Have the Right Christ?

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Psychology:  Is it Compatible with Christianity? 

Psychology is so much a part of our society today that some people believe it is and has always been just a part of life. Or some might believe modern science has allowed us to get a handle on human behavior better than in the old times and that psychology would've benefited humans as far back as Adam and Eve. 

Let's take a look at the origins of psychology and see how it compare
s with Christianity:
Psychology began as it's own branch of science in the 1800s but it can be traced back to the Greek philosophers. While philosophy questions everything in life, psychology focuses on the human mind and soul. The Greek Philosophers did not worship the God of the Bible, they worshiped many gods and believed they really didn't care about mankind. (Read any of the Greek mythology stories and you can see how the gods were all involved in their own "heavenly" lives and were not at all interested in "lowly" man.)

In the 1900's Sigmund Freud put psychology into the forefront of society and all psychology is based on Freud's theories. However, to take a look into his life reveals some very disturbing things. Freud was obsessed with sex and he made all of his theories to rest in problems stemming from sex and aggression. Freud's theories are all centered around "libido" which he defined as psychic and sexual healing. While it is true that human beings are sexual beings, it certainly does not mean we are made up of only sexuality. And to make sex the root of and the answer to all things in a human being's life is very dangerous way to think. Not only is it completely wrong and dangerous for individuals, it has put sex on a platform to where now sex is advertised in everything in our society. Cheating on one's spouse and divorce/remarriage are prevalent now in our society and it can be traced back to psychology since sex is encouraged as the answer to everything that Freud established in psychology. One of Freud's quotes was: "The only unnatural sexual behavior is none all". So we can see how with Freud's theories of sex and aggression are at the root of modern psychology and that we now have a society not only rampant with broken marriages but also with evils such as pornography, pedophilia and human trafficking!

Psychology leaves God out of the equation so that the focus of everyone's mental and emotional healing is said to be found in their own soul or life-story. A person's childhood environment is said to have shaped all of the good and all of the bad of that person's life. This leaves that person feeling powerless and allows for them to blame everything on people and things of the past. It is true that our environments and people in our past have done things to shape who we are but the Bible calls every person to examine their own heart. Psychology never addresses a sinful heart where-as the Gospel message is to repent and turn to Christ for salvation.  Once a person gets saved by Christ they can go to God for the healing they need. God in His Word has made provision for each and every Christian to come to Him through prayer through the finished work of the Cross. Jesus conquered everything at the Cross and a Christian can find power there to get free from their burdens. God can give a person the supernatural ability to heal, forgive and feel forgiven from our past. Psychology does not offer any of that, it instead offers endless counseling sessions at a financial cost.

Another focus of psychology is on one's self-esteem whereas the Bible tells us to think of others as better than ourselves. When a person is concentrating on lifting one's self up in all matters in life there is a real good chance they are not paying attention to anyone else's feelings around them. They may be leaving a trail of selfishness everywhere they go and may be hurting those they leave in their wake. These kinds of people can be called narcissists. Narcissism is not only rampant in our society today, the media lifts them up as people we should aspire to be. They usually are the rich and successful people in the world, and some even do great charitable things with their money, but this has nothing to do with Christianity. Jesus teaches us to follow Him, which is a different focus than being invested in making ourselves rich and successful in the world. Jesus may call us to give up all of our wealth as He did to the rich man in Mark 10:21. Or He may call us to work a menial job so that we can have time to serve others such as perhaps taking care of an elderly parent. The bottom line is psychology teaches a person to be "me-centered" while Christianity teaches us to be "Christ-centered, then others-centered". Now this doesn't mean you neglect yourself and never give to yourself. It simply means you put Christ first and He will give you the love for others that will enable you to see and hear their needs and want to help them. He will lead you in how much and where and when to give. Following Christ does not mean you become a door-mat.  If you are in an abusive situation, you seek God for assistance in getting free from the abusive situation/person and you try and follow the Bible's teachings as best as you can. This gets really difficult if the person who is abusing you is your spouse but no problem is too big or hard for God. The Holy Spirit through the Word of God will help a person through or out of an abusive situation. So there is no need to follow what psychology teaches which is to find the answers from inside yourself, or from reliving your past, or from finding ways to build your self-esteem.  Often times Psychologists will recommend a person find love outside of their marriage as an escape to their problems or for them to leave their spouse entirely for a new lover and life.  This is contrary to what the Bible teaches about fornication, adultery and divorce.  There has never been a problem solved by an extra marital affair and often times a person who leaps into another relationship/marriage finds themselves in another unsatisfying, hurtful situation.

Psychology is called a science but it really isn't a science since it's theories can never be proven.  It's actually more of a religion that leads a person away from the God of the Bible. Psychology will never bring a person to the foot of the Cross so it will never bring people to any real power to overcome their problems. I will agree people have felt better after counseling sessions but that is because they have talked openly about their issues, which is an important thing to do. But isn't it safer to talk to your Heavenly Father who will then give you Divine help that is good for your soul? Or to talk with another Bible believing person who will point you back to the Bible to find your answers.  (They can refer you to specific Bible stories or teachings that will help.) Feedback from today's Psychologists varies from Counselor to Counselor since Psychologists don't have one book to refer to, such as the Bible, and so a person is in real danger as to what information they receive back during their counseling session. Many Psychologists bring in New Age philosophies and practices that they personally believe in and this brings even more detriment to a person's soul. Often times a look into the personal life of a Psychologist or Psychiatrist will prove they do not have any real answers about life.

In conclusion, ministries and preachers that promote psychology, such as Focus on the Family by Dr. James Dobson are not recommended by the author of this website. Christian colleges offering degrees in Christian Psychology are also to beware of. One Christian college in Sarasota Florida teaches Christian Counseling based on the 4 Temperaments human beings supposedly have. The problem with this is 1) the Bible never teaches us that we have four possible temperaments that can be in us as combinations of underlying root dispositions to our personality and 2) this theory has been linked back to its roots of astrology. Unfortunately today there are many churches that have a resident psychologist or two on staff for their parishioners but this is just one of the many ways the church of Jesus Christ has been infiltrated today by the world!