Do You Have the Right Christ?

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A House Divided Will Fall, So Why Are Christians Being Taught to Divide the Word of God Against Itself?

On this page, I am going to cover two different online preachers that are sincere but in error, both because they tell us to listen to either Paul or Jesus but not both.  The column on the left will be a preacher who is a Dispensationalist (Hyper-Dispensationalist) who says that Jesus' teachings were just for the Jews and we Christians are supposed to only listen to Paul.  And the column on the right will be a preacher who says that Christians are going to go to hell if we "do the religious thing" and listen to Paul when he seems to contradict Jesus' commands.  He feels we should literally do everything Jesus taught or we are disobedient to Him, even if we are living Godly lives according to the New Testament's teachings.  

All I can think when I listen to each of these men is what the Bible says in these two verses:

Mark 3: 24 and 25 "And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."

Now, I know Jesus was saying this in response to the Pharisees saying that Jesus was driving out devils by the power of Beelzebub, and not about the Word of God being wrongly divided, but I think you will agree that we are attacking the Holy Spirit when we denounce one part of the Word of God and limit ourselves to only a part of it.  Christians become off-kilter in their faith when the whole counsel of God is not kept in mind when discerning God's will for our lives, especially if we don't take the New Testament in it's entirety!  The only person who wins if we divide and pit the Scriptures against itself is the devil.  So, while both of these men below are well-intentioned preachers, (I believe they are sincere believers), they deserve to be listed out on this page as dangerous to our Christian lives.  

I will take the opportunity to explain all of the spiritual lies of Dispensationalism under the Robert Breaker column, as it is an easy shoe-in plus it shows he is just being a puppet to a system that most Christians are falling prey to in this modern church day.  He is extreme in his dispensational teachings which is good in the fact that his error can be seen clearer than mainstream dispensationalism, so maybe people reading this can see how all dispensationalism in error.

The Cloud Church. Org - Evangelist Robert Breaker

A Voice In The Desert - by Anonymous Preacher

This first two videos are by other Cristians and shows Robert Breaker's error which is Hyper-Dispensationalism.  He teaches a false way of understanding the Scriptures and it is very dangerous because if someone is telling you that Jesus' words are not for you, well that can literally shipwreck someone's Christian life and land them smack dab in the middle of a Christ-less religion.  I encourage you to watch the first two videos first before watching him do a teaching in the 3rd video so your faith will not be ruined by him.

I first came across Robert Breaker when researching people who had left Pentecostalism and discovered he had left the Assemblies of God denomination and for good reasons as he covers in his "Why I am NOT a Pentecostal" video.  I watched that one and two others in that series of "Why I am NOT" and was so grateful that he also was not a Calvinist and Pentecostal, that I gave money to his ministry.  Then it dawned on me afterwards that I hadn't heard his viewpoints on end-time theology and set about to listening to those teachings the next day.  I was disappointed to find right away that he was a Dispensationalist and believed that God wanted the Jewish people in the land no matter what they do right or wrong as human beings there.  I then began to listen to some of his other teachings and realized he was literally telling me to not pay attention to the teachings of Jesus because Jesus came only for the Jews and His words don't pertain to the church!  It took a little while for my brain to realize just how dangerous his teachings were but slowly the light began to dawn on me, he is putting a wedge between me and my Savior!  How DANGEROUS is THAT!!!!

I am not sure how he feels this is okay to believe and teach the way he does, but it appears to me that he has one of those compartmental minds that feels more comfortable with having everything laid out neatly in an easy to understand method - and this actually is a religious system comparable to Calvinism - the very thing he says he is not because he does not believe in a man-made system.  But dispensationalism is just that - a man-made system!  He obviously has no use for Scriptures such as Proverbs 3:5 which tells us to "Trust the Lord with all of thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding", because he wants to have a Hyper-Dispensationalist theology where he has it ALL figured out by dividing and dividing and dividing again.

Robert has been taught his Dispensational beliefs from his father but he also highly recommends a book called Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin.  I had bought that book back when I was a Pentecostal and over the years would go through it as I studied end-time prophecy.  Sometimes I would agree with Clarence Larkin and then I would find that I would be troubled by his teachings and would put the book away as something I didn't believe in.  I would do this back and forth over and over again through the years.  I think the thing that made me keep going back to the book was the utter confusion on the subject on the internet (I couldn't find another teacher on the subject that was trust-worthy), and Clarence Larkin was thorough in his coverage of eschatology, plus he is VERY gifted in his chart drawings in his book.  I so impressed with his charts and drawings that I would sometimes think he has to be right in his teachings because God had obviously gifted him for his work.  But then I would listen and read the Word of God some more and put his book away again.  

Now, I know that a man can be talented but not 100% right in his Bible teachings, but back then I did not understand that.  I feel Clarence Larkin was a sincere Christian who put a lot into his work, just like I feel Robert Breaker does, but I do not believe either is correct.  I also believe Robert divides the Bible into more dispensations than even Clarence Larkin does.  The second video I've posted above is one that is Robert teaching on how he sees several more dispensations in the Bible than others have taught about. He acts as if this is some kind of special anointing he has to be able to see them and it reminded me of how a Pentecostal acts when they find "hidden gems of knowledge" in the Word that really aren't there truthfully.  I found this video teaching to be incorrect in it's information and reckless in how he adds that he feels there are even more dispensations than the ones he's covered.  Is finding dispensations more important than hearing and believing the teachings of Jesus?  I guess in Robert's world, it is. . . . . . . .

All I can say further about Robert's teachings is that while I was first attracted to the visuals he uses when explaining things in his teachings, (he always draws on a dry erase board), his talent is being used in a way that does not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.  His drawings always illustrate his belief that the Gospel doesn't start until after Jesus was crucified which leaves out all of Jesus' explanation of the Kingdom of God! Christians must understand the Kingdom of God and yet he says Jesus' parables are not for us, just the Jews!

Below is a link to an article that brings balance to this issue entitled Paul vs Jesus, Misunderstanding God's Language. 

This preacher, says he chooses to remain anonymous, because he says "his ministry is not about man, but is for the glory of Jesus". That's fine if he wants to remain anonymous because he has a job or family he wants to protect, and no one knows who's reading the internet, I also remain anonymous for those reasons but also because I used to want to be in show-business, so putting my name on the internet would be a snare for me, like making a name for myself, so I do all of this anonymously for Jesus' name only  to be lifted up. So, I can give the man a pass for doing his videos anonymously but the problem for me is his videos come across as creepy in that it sounds like he disguises his voice too. He also has a condescending attitude that "no one is doing what Jesus has commanded" and actually he is wrong to come across that way.  He does not know the heart and lives of millions of Christians on this planet right now.  

Now, I do think he means to be sincere in what he is doing, and some of the things he says are very devout and correct in how committed our lives should be to Christ but if you listen to this video you will hear the dripping condescension in his voice as he says that practically no Christians are doing what Jesus has said to do.  He even goes so far as to say that most Christians are not going to get into heaven because they are just being religious and not obedient to Jesus. This man borders on what a cult leader is like in how a cult will always teach that anyone not doing what they teach is on their way to hell. Plus if you want to hear more of his teachings you have to subscribe and join his inner circle of listeners/followers.  When I was in L.A. I knew New Age gurus that gathered followers so they could tell them the "secrets to life", and I feel this man's style of ministry is run in a similar fashion.

So, this man, I believe, without knowing it, is actually forming an online cult by being this strong leader preaching mostly to Christians about how they are doing Christianity wrong and that they need HIS way of understanding the Bible to be right with God.  And of course, he is doing it completely different than the majority of the Christians in the world.  This is an Elijah complex, where he feels he is the only one left serving God in the right way.  And the worst part of about his teachings is that he insists that Jesus has told all followers of his to live by faith.  In other words, to not have a job.  He bases it on Jesus telling the rich young ruler to sell what he has and give to the poor and come and follow Him. (Matthew 19:16-24).  So, when Christian preachers and/or even just lay Christians tell him that Paul had a job as a tent maker, he replies that Paul is human and should not be considered equal to Jesus commands.  

My first response to his teaching is: I have known Christians who either do now or at one time "lived by faith" and I cover some examples of this on my testimony page 2.  None of these people's lives (that I knew) glorified Christ because they were down-and-out (they felt like victims) and they needed hand-outs from others and so he is treading on dangerous territory to tell Christians that all are supposed to quit their jobs and live only for the doing of Christian service.  And my second rebuttal to him would be:  Even Christian missionaries do every day tasks such as cleaning, buying supplies, paying bills etc.  There is no such thing as doing only 100% Christian things with your life, so it would be much wiser if he preached like the majority of preachers that tell Christians to live for Jesus with their talents and treasures as much as possible without making them feel guilty for being human beings that require daily maintenance.  And daily maintenance does take money, even if it is to wash a load of clothes at the laundry mat, you need a handful of quarters and some laundry soap.  Is God supposed to miraculously give us this each and every time we have to have clean clothes?  Does He want us to get it from others that are working?  The answers are NO to both! 

I have heard that this preacher shares his ideas of "communal living for Christians who don't work" (on his private subscription sermons), and that is his answer to how "faith-living" should be done.  He would most likely tell me that is why the other examples I gave you turned out badly, they were not part of a commune.  Communal living worked in the book of Acts when the power of God was being strongly displayed through the Apostles leadership but in this day where the church is so divided in thought and practice I cannot imagine a commune of Christians getting along for very long.  Plus the world is full of con-artists and those who want to be in-control, so it would be a matter of time until the commune would become a cult in the hands of some predator.  And lastly I think he is making trouble for the body of Christ by trying to play God.  Only God knows the plans he has for each of us Christians and we are to ask God what He would have us to do.  God will let us know if He wants us to separate from regular life to serve Him in some special capacity.  Otherwise, working is something the Bible tells us to do: 2 Thessalonians - For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

This preacher loves to entitle his video teachings things like: The Most Hated Teaching of Jesus, The Most Embarrassing Teaching of Jesus, The Most Shocking Teaching of Jesus etc.  It seems to me that he centers his whole Christian teaching niche on being sensational. One of his weakest teachings is how he compares Christian faith to the faith the gambling casino owners of Reno have.  But then mixed in with all of this wrongness, the man does have some sincere thoughts and teachings and I even agree with him on his video about the Jews and Israel.  But I had to put him on this warning page because his core theology of pitting Jesus against Paul which is the worst of his errors!!!  Jesus appeared to Paul and Paul was commissioned to teach the body of Christ how we are to function and propel the Gospel to the nations.  So does he really think Jesus is pleased with him for dividing up the New Testament the way he does?  And he talks out of both sides of his mouth when pressed:  He says, yes, I believe the Bible is true but the book of Revelation says Jesus is the Word of God so we should be obeying his teachings first and not the rest of the NT in balance with his teachings and yet at the same time he says, if you believe the Bible is true because it says that it is in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 then you should obey Jesus. 

I would love to email him and ask him that if he feels we should literally do everything Jesus has commanded in the Gospels, why does he still have both of his eyes in his head?  I would ask him if that means he has never looked at a woman in lust.  If he says no, then I would know he is lying because no person, not even a Christian, has ever not lusted in their life, especially a man.  If he says yes, I would ask, then why did you not do what Jesus said and "gouge it (your eye) out and throw it away" (Matthew 18:9)