Do You Have the Right Christ?

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Islam, Allah and Isa 
Is Islam a Compatible Religion to Christianity?  Is Allah the God of the Bible? 
Is Isa the Prophet Really Jesus Christ?

You hear the politicians say "Islam is a Religion of Peace".  But then you see the violence in the Middle East and you can't help but think it is not a peaceful religion.  But maybe you've not had time to research what the Koran (also spelled Quran) teaches so you go along with what is politically correct.  After all, no one wants to judge or be afraid of their neighbors, but it is also dangerous to be an ostrich with your head in the sand and so I hope this page of my website sheds light on Islam and it's relationship (or non-relationship) to Christianity. I know people are confused because I met a woman who lived in my community who was a very educated college professor.  She was around 50 years old and unmarried.  She began to tell me about the man she loved that she had met on the internet.  He lived in the Middle East and was a very educated professor too and an Islamic scholar.  She professed to be a Christian and she declared that his god was the same God as hers.  She declared Allah is just another name for God and so she felt this man and her were in sync spiritually as well as intellectually.  I treaded lightly but firmly with her that Allah is NOT the God of the Bible.  I had just become born-again and had been in Los Angeles and had learned first-hand  how many deceptions there were in religions - many claiming to be a form of Christianity or at least compatible with it.  I didn't have much knowledge about Islam but based on my understanding of false religions I urged her to realize that Allah is not the God of the Bible.  She would not hear my arguments and warnings because she needed love and she was so impressed with the intellectual things of life.  I wish I had a dramatic ending to this story to tell you that I was able to convince her and save her from heart-ache, but I do not know what happened to her, whether she married this man and moved to the Middle East to live there with him or not.  If she did, she might now know that she was mistaken because by now she most likely would be having to wear a Burka and be fully clothed with no skin showing, and have to quit working as a college professor, (the job she loved), and would have to be escorted everywhere she goes. But the fact that she believed Allah is the God of the Bible is far more dangerous than anything that could've happened to her physical and emotional life - her very spiritual life was in great danger!  That's because while Islam has some of the same prophets that Christianity has, they do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Their prophet Isa, is their version of Jesus, but he is merely a prophet, just like how they acknowledge Abraham, Lot and Moses as prophets.  To the Muslim, Isa is no better than Mohammad their prophet.  And so this woman I knew would actually have to demote Jesus Christ from her Savior and Lord to mere prophet if she converted to Islam, thereby turning her back on Christ and losing her salvation!  Do not be deceived, Islam does not know God as Father and they do not have The Way (Jesus) to God the Father and many Muslims are crying out for a God who will hear them and save them from their pain and sorrows in life.

Please click on the links below.  The first is from a Christian who has a Christian television show that goes into Iran via satellite and he is very knowledgable about the differences of Christianity and Islam.  The 2nd link is to the history of the creation of Islam and the next three links are to testimonies of former Muslims, who are now Christians and they will tell you first hand how different these two religions are!  The last two links expose how earlier manuscripts of the Koran have been discovered that pre-date the life of Mohammed - this is something that you need to listen to because if you can't trust the source of your religion, you need to call out to God and ask Him who He is?!  Jesus Christ will answer you if you are truly seeking the truth, because He is God to not just the Christians, but to all mankind!  

God bless you as you listen and research the truth about Islam, Allah and Isa.

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This website is written by a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

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