Do You Have the Right Christ?

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Humanism . . .  America's Hidden Religion

Who Is Your Allegiance To?  
America's Humanist Religion? or Patriotism? 
Or to Jesus Christ?

Why do I say Humanism is America's hidden religion?

1) Because several of the Founding Father's were Masons and the laws of this country were founded on Masonry not Christianity. Masonry, Humanism and the New Age all have the same goal: to lift up man, not God. Please see my page on Freemasonry (aka Masonry) to learn more where you'll see the quote from George Washington, a firm believer in Masonry, that states Christianity is not the foundation of America. Also please see the video posted below called The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers.  You'll also see how Masonry reduces Jesus Christ down to a mere moral leader rather than God in the flesh. 

2) Because Humanism has been taught to generations of Americans through the public school systems. It has been almost a hundred years since John Dewey's educational system took over the public schools. John Dewey was one of the foremost signers of the Humanist Manifesto in 1993. (you can see more facts about Dewey's educational system from a humanist website So if Dewey's educational system has been taught since 1993 that means millions upon millions of Americans have been indoctrinated with Humanism. And Patriotism just binds Americans stronger and deeper into Humanism. (please see page Lies We Are Told for more information on the dangers of Patriotism.)

Humanism was able to flourish for decades without much push-back from Christians because it hid it's religious roots by declaring it was a 'philosophy', not a religion. This representation of being a 'secular philosophy' made it difficult for Christians to fight back it's presence in and it's indoctrination of children in the public school system. But soon voices began to sound off that Humanism was in fact a religion. One such voice was Phyllis Schlafly, a graduate of Harvard Law School, who wrote in 1980, “Secular Humanism has become the established religion in the U.S. public school system.”

And in 1987 in his ruling in the case of Smith v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, Ala., U.S. District Judge W. Brevard Hand ruled that Secular Humanism was a religion based on the definitions of religion which in his opinion were: (1) The existence of supernatural and/or transcendent reality; (2) The nature of man; (3) The ultimate end, or goal, or purpose of man’s existence, both individually and collectively; (4) The purpose and nature of the universe.” To see more on his findings go to

While the political movement of Humanism hid behind the secular philosophy front, the earliest humanists writers declared it to be a religion. The first Humanist Manifesto written in 1993 by Roy Wood Sellars and Raymond Bragg said that while humanism's main goal was to create an ethical system without a deity, it was still a religion. It was a religion of bringing mankind together in solidarity without traditional religion. The first Manifesto set about to propose "an egalitarian society based on voluntary mutual co-operation, rational thinking, and the idea that personal fulfillment could create happiness, as opposed to a society motivated by profit". (This information and quote is taken from a Humanist webpage

After WWII there was less hope in a humanist's society since Hitler had shown that humans can be capable of horrific treatment of other human beings. So in 1973 a re-write of the first Humanist Manifesto was authored by Paul Kurtz and Edwin H. Wilson. This new Manifesto saw humanism separated out into these categories: religion, ethics, the individual, democratic society, world community, and humanity as a whole. It's aims were: 'to eliminate war and poverty, oppose racism and weapons of mass destruction, and support human rights, divorce, birth control, abortion, and the notion that technology can improve human life'. This new Manifesto struggled at first to get support because two of it's most controversial ideas put forward were “no deity will save us, we must save ourselves”, and “we are responsible for what we are and what we will be”.

In 2003 the Humanist Manifesto III was written by 21 Nobel laureates as a successor, not replacement, of the 1973 Manifesto. This Manifesto streamlined the 1993 version into 7 basic schools of thought:

  • Humans should know the world through experience and experiment rather than through thought.

  • Human beings are a part of nature and the evolutionary process, they have not been ‘created’ by a God.

  • Ethical values are based upon the needs of humanity and are tested through the experiences of humanity.

  • Fulfillment comes from participation in human goals.

  • We are social creatures that depend on the development of strong and positive relationships.

  • Humans can increase their happiness by working towards the benefits of society as a whole, instead of striving for personal gains only.

  • There is a need for respect amongst differing views.

You might be wondering why you should care about all of this? I present this all to you because there is danger in not knowing your enemy. The fact is by it's very nature Secular Humanism is at war with Christianity. And it's not just an external battle to see whose going to teach in the public school system or run our government. No, its a much more insidious enemy; it divides the loyalty within each American Christian. We are taught to love America and to pledge allegiance to her but at what cost to our allegiance to Christ? If Americans are taught Humanism through our American laws and also through our education and we are taught to have a devout patriotism to the 'greatest nation in the world' what is left for Jesus Christ?

The Christian witness is very weak today and I believe Christians today are baffled as to why the church is so weak. I believe it's because Humanism is a silent killer. It has so permeated our society and our souls to such a large degree that Christians half the time are unknowingly listening to the voice of Humanism rather than the Gospel. I believe Humanism has frequently squelched the American Christian's ability to feel the convicting power of the Holy Spirit too. We've been taught from every aspect of our society to focus on prosperity, happiness, and the support/fellowship of our fellow man, that now our churches even preach that message instead of the Gospel. And Christians are so much a part of the American way that they are unable to see or understand where Humanism ends and Christianity begins and vice versa. Humanism paved the way for the New Age Movement and now we have churches full of both. Christian churches used to never allow Masons in their congregations but now you have Masons at top positions in the churches (and I am talking all denominations). The New Age has taken over through the Charismatic movement and now people of all denominations love Joel O'Steen, a definite New Age preacher. The churches today are liberal, they lift up man through psychology rather than preach about sin and the parishioners don't even know they are starving to death from lack of Word. The Bible says in Amos 8:11-12 there will be a time where there will be a famine of the Word of God!  

I believe that if Americans could look all the way back and see that America was created on Humanist principles by men who were part Bible believers, part Masons, they would be able to understand why Christianity has gotten squeezed out completely in America. I feel confident in saying this because if Christianity was the foundation of America our Constitution would say "Christianity is the religion of America", but instead it just says there is "freedom of religion" for all. You might be thinking well I am glad our country is the way it is because I want the freedoms we have, but do you really have freedoms? If Humanism takes you away from Jesus Christ to focus us all on man-made solutions that will never bring lasting peace or permanent solutions, then you are being led by the nose like a slave on his way to Babylon. America would still be a free nation if the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights said "America is a Christian nation" because the true Gospel (not the counterfeits like Catholicism which demands loyalty to the Pope) never forces anyone to convert to Christianity. It simply stays true to the Truth and people are free to accept or reject Christ . . . . they always have been.

So to be clear, it is Masonry that openly permits and promotes it's members worship of whomever they want, while lifting up human relationships and human success. So Masonry is more of the foundation we see in America's government, past and present. (Please see my page on Masonry if you are still clinging to the language of God in our Founding Father's writings - Masons also point people to "God" but it's not the same God of the Bible.) I believe if Christians could see that America never has been, nor ever will be a Christian nation they would be less devoted to America and more devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. This would result in less frustration with politics and more energy and time to share the Gospel with the lost and dying world. (On a side note: I am not saying we should not vote pro-life if we feel it is our conviction but we should not be surprised when the Christian way is trumped by the Humanistic way of abortion since Humanism trumped Christianity way back when our Founding Fathers had to make their choice of how to set up America's laws.) Staying out of America's Humanist influence would result in a stronger Christian witness in each Christian and they would then demand the churches go back to true Gospel preaching again. The world would then be able to see the difference between Christianity and Humanism and be able to make an informed decision. Right now they are not able to see much difference in the lives of Christ's children and the children of the world.

Having spoken on American politics, this is a good time to briefly address Dominionism, which is a modern movement led by many Evangelical leaders who have gotten involved in politics. I am not a supporter of this movement "to take back America for Christ". And that is for two reasons, it is founded on the lie that America was founded as a defined Christian nation and secondly, Jesus never asks us to dominate nations for Him . . . . He asks us to be faithful to the Gospel. Winning souls is a person by person decision, not a movement to be forced on others and nations. (This would be more of the Catholic of the past Inquisition way or past and present Muslim way than what Christ taught us in the Scriptures.) So, in conclusion, Dominionism is wrong because you can't take back what never was established as law in the first place and also because Christians are just passing through this world, they do not own America, and Jesus would not want us spending our energy trying to own it. Jesus lived during the time of an evil dictator, called a Caesar, and He did not lead a revolution to overthrow his government. No, He said in Mark 12:17, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's and He went about doing His Father's will. This is the example we Christians are to follow.

So in conclusion let's look at some of the ways Humanism has shaped our culture versus how the Bible leads us to live our lives:

Humanists believe that scientific and technological progress will provide us with the means to solve all of the modern world’s problems such as overpopulation, global warming, unemployment, disease, terrorism, discrimination against women, and endangered species to name a few. The Bible teaches this world is fallen in sin and the only hope we have is in Christ. The Bible says this earth will be destroyed by fire one day (earth meaning all of existence, the earth itself will remain) and there will be a new Jerusalem where believers will live. So this world is not our home, our home is in heaven and later in the New Jerusalem. We are to live for God while we are here on earth, which will at times/often times include giving to those suffering, but our main focus is to share the Gospel with others so they can be saved eternally. So the Bible is clear there is no permanent solution to all of the world's evils that will come from human effort.

Humanism teaches political correctness which means principles must be shelved if they at all cause offense to others The Bible teaches to share the Gospel in season and out. (II Timothy 4:2) This means there are times when it's hard to say the Biblical truth but we are to do it. And we have to be willing to stand against the crowd if our Christian principles are compromised by society's ways.

Secular Humanists believe in sexual freedom, or premarital recreational sex. The Bible opposes sex out of wedlock. I could elaborate on this with all of the ways Humanism is pushing the sex envelope but suffice it to say the Bible says that fornicators, adulterers and homosexuals (the KJV uses the word effeminate) will not make it into the Kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9 -11) The way is straight and narrow in the Bible, (Matthew 7:14) it is not wide open to man's interpretation of what morality is.

Humanism teaches unity in diversity which means live together and enjoy our culture. The Bible teaches that to be friends with the world (the world system) is to be at enmity with the Father (James 4:4). Jesus said about Himself, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man cometh to the Father but by Me. (John 14:6) So, the unity we are to have is with Jesus Christ and the Father, not with all of the diverse cultures and religious and political systems of the world.

My prayer after exposing Humanism is that everyone who has read this piece will "COME OUT OF HER", (Revelation 18:4), the world's system of Babylon, which is the American way polluted thoroughly with Humanism, (I call it the American Gospel, as opposed to the Biblical Gospel), and that your Christian walk will become more defined and devoted to true Biblical Christianity.

God Bless!

The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers