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Freemasonry and The Shriners

Freemasonry, also known as just Masonry, is labeled and organized in recent days as a fraternity, but it is actually a religion.  It's a religion that goes back to ancient pagan civilizations such as Babylon, Egypt and Greece; a modern-day continuation of the ancient mystery religions.   But before we get into it's religious nature let's first look at it's modern organization as a fraternity.

The formation of the first Masonic Grand Lodge was in London in 1717 and soon Grand Lodges began opening up in Ireland, Scotland and throughout Europe.  Masonry spread into the American colonies by 1737 when Henry Price, the Provincial Grand Master over all of North America for the Grand Lodge of England, granted a charter to a group of Boston Freemasons..  Between 1733 and 1737 the Grand Lodge in England warranted Provincial Grand Lodges in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Some of the greatest names of the American Revolution were Masons: Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Paul Jones, Robert Livingston, Paul Revere and George Washington to name a few.  Of the 56 signers of The Declaration of Independence, 8 were known Masons and 7 others exhibited strong evidence of Masonic membership. Of the 40 signers of the Constitution, 9 were known Masons, 13 exhibited evidence of Masonic membership, and 6 more later became Masons.

You're probably thinking right now, "But America is a Christian nation so our founding fathers must've been Christian and Masons."  Well let's look at a few quotes by some American Revolutionaries to see if Christianity and Masonry are compatible and to see if America was built as a Christian nation.  Also please watch the video that is posted at the bottom of the page called The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers.

George Washington: (1) The grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race. (2) Being persuaded that a just application of the principles, on which the Masonic Fraternity is founded, must be promote of private virtue and public prosperity, I shall always be happy to advance the interests of the Society, and to be considered by them as a deserving brother. (3) The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.

Thomas Jefferson:  "But while this syllabus is meant to place the character of Jesus in its true and high light, as no impostor Himself, but a great Reformer of the Hebrew code of religion, it is not to be understood that I am with Him in all His doctrines. I am a Materialist; he takes the side of Spiritualism; he preaches the efficacy of repentance towards forgiveness of sin; I require counterpoise of good works to redeem it, etc., etc.

Thomas Paine: "My own mind is my own church." In his pamphlet, Origin of Free-Masonry, Paine proposed that Masonry's embodiment of the sun worship of ancient Druidism was a legitimate alternative to Christianity. He noted that Freemasonry's god, "...Osiris and Isis, theologically represented the Supreme Being and universal Nature..."

Still think America's Founding Fathers were building a Christian nation?  Now, to be fair, there were some Christian men in the founding government of our country but Masonry beliefs were the prevailing foundation for our laws.  You might be wondering how no one really knows this and how Masonry can produce such upstanding men and directives for a nation that appear to come from Christianity.  Well that's why Masonry is so hard to detect and to define, it is cloaked in secrecy and in Christian jargon.  But let's see who Masons really worship if it's not Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible:

Masons worship a god which they call the Great Architect of the Universe or GAOTU.  Their god is not defined more than that because as long as members follow all of the initiation rules, members are allowed to worship whoever they want, however they want; it is considered a private matter not to be discussed.  So with the generic reference to god being the Great Architect of the Universe, Masonry is appealing to men of all faiths, including Christian men.  (Especially since it's called a fraternity rather than a religion.)  If Masonry let on that their god is not Jesus Christ of the Bible many Christian Masons would possibly leave the organization, thereby making it less powerful.  Currently there are about 4 million members throughout all of the Masonic organizations of the world and they are able to draw finances from the required dues of members to give out 1.5 million dollars a day to charitable organizations, thereby making them a great force in the world.  If Christian Masons were astute though they would notice that Jesus Christ is not mentioned by name or even referred to in any of their rituals or teachings.  And even though the Bible is on display in their lodges, so is the Quran (Koran).  Take a look at the Shriners fez pictured above:  "The Shriner is given a red fez with an Islamic sword and crescent moon jewel on the front of it. This sword emblem originates from 7th century Arabia when the Moslems, under the leadership of Muhammad, slaughtered all Christians and Jews who would not bow down to the pagan moon god Allah. It is a symbol of subjugation." So, are Masons worshipers of Allah?

Another good question is since Jesus Christ is not mentioned in Masonry, when Masonic rituals talk about 'coming to the light' could they be referring to Lucifer, 'the light bearer'?  (Satan's name before his fall from heaven was Lucifer, which in Greek means 'light-bearer' and he was the most glorious of all of the angels.  Please see in your King James Bible the following verses:  Isaiah 14:12-15, Luke 10:18-20 and Revelation 12:7-12.) Witches and New Agers await the rise of Lucifer again who they feel is more glorious than Jesus Christ.  Could Masonry be initiating people for Lucifer's rise to power here on earth?  (Initiates of Masonry are asked "what do you seek" and their answer is always required to be "light".)

And if all of this mystery of who Mason's worship is not enough to cause concern there is also the fact that the top Lodge leader is called "The Worshipful Master". So this in-and-of-itself is the worship of a man and the Bible says that God will share His glory with no man. (Isaiah 42:8)  Let's look at the role of the Worshipful Master in a private Lodge meeting from a book that is designed to help a person understand Masonic Rituals who is interested in becoming a Mason.  It is called Duncan's Ritual and Monitor of Free Masonry and it can be read online at  (I am only putting this up for informational purposes and do not endorse anyone's desire to become a Mason.)


The Deacon opens the door, and says to the Tyler--Brother Tyler, it is the orders of the Worshipful Master that you tyle this Lodge as an Entered Apprentice (Fellow Crafts, or Master Mason, as the case may be); then closes the door, gives one rap (two, if a Fellow Crafts', or three, if a Masters' Lodge), which is responded to by the Tyler.

J. D.--Worshipful Master, the Lodge is tyled.

W. M.--How tyled?

J. D.--By a brother of this degree, without the inner door, invested with the proper implement of his office (the sword). W. M.--His duty there?

J. D.--To keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers; suffer none to pass or repass, except such as are duly qualified, and have the Worshipful Master's permission. (Sits down.)

W. M. (one rap, Warden rises to his feet.)--Brother Senior Warden, are you sure that all present are Entered Apprentice Masons (Fellow Crafts, or Master Masons? as the case may be).

S. W.--I am sure, Worshipful Master, that all present are Entered Apprentice Masons (or as the case may be).

W. M.--Are you an Entered Apprentice Mason?

S. W.--I am so taken and accepted among all brothers and fellows.

W. M.--Where were you first prepared to be made an Entered Apprentice Mason?

S. W.--In my heart.

W. M.--Where secondly?

S. W.--In a room adjacent to a legally constituted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a place representing the Ground Floor of King Solomon's Temple.

W. M.--What makes you an Entered Apprentice Mason?

S. W.--My obligation.

W. M: How many constitute a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons?

S. W.--Seven or more, consisting of the Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, Senior and Junior Deacons, Secretary, and Treasurer.

W. M.--The Junior Deacon's place?

S. W.--At the right hand of the Senior Warden in the west.

W. M. (two raps with his gavel, when all the officers of the Lodge rise to their feet.)--Your duty there, brother Junior Deacon?

J. D. (makes the sign of an Entered Apprentice Mason)--To carry orders from the Senior Warden in the west to the Junior Warden in the south, and elsewhere around the Lodge, as he may direct, and see that the Lodge is tyled.

W. M.--The Senior Deacon's place in the Lodge?

J. D.--At the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

W. M.--Your duty there, brother Senior?

S. D.--To carry orders from the Worshipful Master in the east to the Senior Warden in the west, and elsewhere around the Lodge, as he may direct; to introduce and clothe all visiting brethren; to receive and conduct candidates.

W. M.--The Secretary's place in the Lodge?

S. D.--At the left hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

W. M.--Your duty, brother Secretary?

Sec.--To observe the Worshipful Master's will and pleasure, record the proceedings of the Lodge, transmit a copy of the same to the Grand Lodge, if required, receive all moneys paid into the Lodge by the hands of the brethren, pass the same over to the Treasurer, and take his receipt for the same.

W. M.--The Treasurer's place in the Lodge?

Sec.--At the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east.

W. M.--Your duty there, brother Treasurer?

Treas.--To receive all moneys paid into the Lodge from the hands of the Secretary, keep a regular and just account of the same, and pay it out by the order of the Worshipful Master and the consent of the Lodge.

W. M.--The Junior Warden's station in the Lodge?

Treas.--In the south, Worshipful.

W. M.--Your duty there, brother Junior Warden?

J. W.--As the sun in the south, at high meridian, is the beauty and glory of the day, so stands the Junior Warden in the south, the better to observe the time, call the craft from labor to refreshment, superintend them during the hours thereof, and see that the means of refreshment be not converted into intemperance or excess; and call them on to labor again, that they may have pleasure and profit thereby.

W. M.--The Senior Warden's station in the Lodge?

J. W.--In the west, Worshipful.

W. M.--Why in the west, brother Senior, and your duty there?

S. W.--To assist the Worshipful Master in opening and closing his Lodge, pay the craft their wages, if any be due, and see that none go away dissatisfied, if in my power to prevent, harmony being the strength of all institutions, more especially of this of ours.

W. M.--The Worshipful Master's station in the Lodge?

S. W.--In the east, Worshipful.

W. M.--Why in the east, and his duty there?

S. W.--As the sun rises in the east, to open and govern the day, so rises the Worshipful Master in the east (here he gives three raps with his gavel, when all the brethren of the Lodge rise, and himself), to open and govern his Lodge, set the craft to work, and give them proper instructions.

Notice the word 'craft' and the whole dialogue rings of witchcraft, in fact witchcraft if full of rituals.  From the three examples shown above, it is obvious that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are not the Deity worshiped in Masonry.  And no matter how confusing and mysterious it is within Masonry, if a person is not worshiping the God of the Bible through the Son Jesus Christ, they are on their way to hell.

Now let's look at some of the pagan symbols of Masonry:  The symbol they have chosen to represent their god is the All Seeing Eye, which the Egyptians used to represent their pagan god, Osiris.  The eye, usually depicted in the sky looking out upon the earth, is an ancient symbol of the sun, and historically has been used as a symbol of omniscience. The idea of the solar eye comes to us from the Egyptians, who equated the human eye in its ability to perceive light as a miniature sun.” It's interesting to note that George Washington is the president seen on the face of the one dollar bill and on the back is the All Seeing Eye.

Another symbol they use is the compass and the square: The square is an instrument adapted for plane surfaces only, and therefore appropriate to Geometry, or measurement of the Earth, which appears to be, and was by the Ancients supposed to be, a plane. The compass is an instrument that has relation to spheres and spherical surfaces, and is adapted to spherical trigonometry, or that branch of mathematics which deals with the Heavens and the orbits of the planetary bodies. The square, therefore, is a natural and appropriate Symbol of this Earth and the things that belong to it, are of it, or concern it. The Compass is an equally natural and appropriate Symbol of the Heavens, and of all celestial things and celestial natures. The compass, therefore, as the Symbol of the Heavens, represents the spiritual, intellectual, and moral portion of this double nature of Humanity; and the square, as the Symbol of the Earth, its material, sensual, and the baser portion.  For the Apprentice Mason, the points of the Compass are beneath the Square. For the Fellow-Craft, one is above and one beneath. For the Master, both are dominant, and have rule, control, and empire over the symbol of the earthly and the material. - This information on compass and square has been taken from:  (this is not an endorsement of everything on that website.)  There is a sexual meaning for the compass and square too explained on that website but it's not explained as well as it is on this website: which also had this to say In regards to the G in the middle of the compass and sqaure:  Carl Claudy, says that Masonry has layers upon layers of meanings for the very same symbol, and you have to just keep digging until you get them all.  You will be shocked to know that sexual connotations have been assigned to many of the symbols that are most commonly used in the Fraternity, and for which other, meanings [completely non-sexual] have been taught to the lower level Mason.  The letter "G" figures prominently in Freemasonry.  In the lower degrees, the initiate is told that this letter stands for "God" and for "Geometry", which the Supreme Architect of the Universe used to design this wonderful Cosmos.  However, occultist, and 33rd Degree Mason, Arthur Waite, quotes Eliphas Levi [also 33rd Degree], telling us that the letter "G" stands for Venus, and that Venus' symbol is a lingam, a stylized phallis. [Masonic author, Arthur Edward Waite, The Mysteries of Magic: A Digest of the Writings of Eliphas Levi , Chicago, , DeLaurence, Scott, and Company, 1909, p. 217] The greatest Masonic author of all time, Albert Pike, agrees. He states [page 631-32 in Morals and Dogma ] that the Monad [#1] is male, and the Duad [#2] is female.  Their sexual union produces the Triad [#3], which is "represented by the letter 'G', the generative principle".  This term, "generative principle", is code for the sex act.  Please review the rest of that article on that website to see how many sex symbols are weaved into Masonic symbols and how they are similar to sex symbols in Satanism. 

The reason lower level Masons are told different things than the higher level Masons is that most Masons will never elevate past the first three levels so they can be lied to without a problem.  Apprentice Mason is the first degree, Fellow or Journeyman Mason is the second degree, and Master Mason,is the third degree.  The higher degrees cost considerably more money to join so this could be why few rise about the first three degrees.  But possibly it may have something to do with the initiation process too.  Let's look at what initiates go through: Initiates are made to wear an eye-mask or hood called a ‘hoodwink’ as a blindfold, and a hanging rope is put around their neck. The ceremony that follows involves the sharp point of a compass being pressed against their chest over their heart.  And it involves the speaking out or the swearing of self imposed oaths that range from having their tongue ripped out to having their bowels split open if they break an oath or don't support a fellow Mason in their time of need.

You might be wondering why a man would want to even join a Mason organization.  For some it is 'the brotherhood' and for others it is for success.  Here's a quote to show how a man can rely on the brotherhood within his Masonic organization from The Handbook of Freemasonry (page 183): "You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him... It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations"

This might be a good time to print the quotes from our 6th President, John Quincy Adams, who was against Masonry and even created an Anti-Mason Political Party. He did this because a former Mason named Captain William Morgan was brutality murdered in an especially horrific way after he told about the secret handshakes, rituals and trappings of the Masonic Order.

"Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent...Its promise is light—its performance is darkness."
"Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong—essentially wrong—a seed of evil, which can never produce any good."

“If the candidate has been educated to a sincere and heart-felt reverence for religion and the Bible, and if he exercises his reason, he knows that all the tales of Jachin and Boaz, of Solomon’s Temple, of Hiram Abiff and Jubela, Jubelo and Jubeluem, are impostures–poisons poured into the perennial fountain of truth–traditions exactly resembling those reprobated by Jesus Christ, as making the word of God on none effect.”

What are these tales of Jachin and Boaz, Solomon's Temple and Hiram Abiff and Jubela, Jubelo and Jubeluem that John Quincy Adams is refuting in Masonry?  The first two are referencing how Masonic Lodges are built as a representation of King Solomon's Temple.  The Jachin and Boaz are two pillars within Solomon's Temple, one representing King Solomon and the other representing King David.  Jachin means Yah established and Boaz means strength.  (An interesting observation is how many pillars there are in Washington D.C. architecture.) Hiram Abiff is the name Masons gave to the Hiram of the Bible when they deviated from what Scripture said about Hiram who was hired by King Solomon to complete his temple: 1 Kings 7:40 and 2 Chronicles 4:11 Hiram is explained as King Solomon's Temple artisan.  In Masonic legend Hiram was killed prior to completing the Temple but in the Old Testament it says he completed it.  The reason Masons changed the Hiram of the Bible and said he was assassinated is because they are able to make a hero out of him.  Hiram is praised in Masonry as a man of virtue, fortitude and integrity seldom equaled or ever excelled in the history of man.  He is the central figure of the Lodge known as the Grand Master Hiram Abiff.  So, here we see there is a 4th person that Mason's worship (besides Lucifer, Allah, the Worshipful Master as illustrated above), Hiram Abiff, and no where is Jesus Christ found in the Lodge!  Jubela and Jebelo and Jubeluem are the men who killed Hiram (according to the Masonic myth) when they approached Hiram asking him for the lost name of God. The legend continues:  Jubela struck Hiram across the throat with a 24 inch gauge, Jubelo, struck Hiram's breast, over the heart, with a square and Jubelum, struck Hiram upon the forehead with a gavel, whereupon Hiram fell dead. His blood, therefore, was shed within the temple. The rest of the legend can be read here  (This is not an endorsement of the legend or of everything found on this website, though it is a Christian website that appears to be thorough in examining Masonry versus Christianity - I just haven't read through all of the website.)

One last entity that appears to be worshiped in Masonry is Jabulon.  Masons say this is the lost name of God, lost when Hiram Abiff was murdered.  Jah, the first syllable represents the name of Yahweh or Jehovah and Bul, the second syllable represents Baal or Bel and On, the last syllable represents the name of the Egyptian Sun God.  So in essence Masonry has taken a holy name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and merged it with two pagan gods.  This is blasphemy at it's worst!  Masonry has created an unholy trinity to replace the holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

So in conclusion Masonry is not a fraternity safe for a Christian to participate in and this includes the Shriners, which is a Masonic organization that operates the same way as all of the other Masonic groups.  (Please see for an extensive list of all of the Masonic bodies around the world so you know to stay out of them. Please also note there are women and children Masonic orders for the wives and children of Mason men.)  Masonry is a religion that has blended in several ancient mystical religions to make one mysterious one.  Members are lied to and even when reaching the highest levels they are told that they still don't qualify to know the 'secret of the light' they pursue.  But the Bible tells people straight-out, there are no secrets, no initiations, no rituals, no oaths needed, just come to Christ, the Light of the World, with a humble heart of repentance and accept His gift of salvation that He paid at the Cross of Calvary.  

For more information on Masonry please see:


Listen to the words of D. L. Moody, uttered when told he should not allow Dr. Charles Blanchard, a former 33rd degree Mason, to speak against the lodge. Moody was told if he did allow Blanchard to speak against the lodge, he would lose the support of some wealthy people who helped fund his schools. Moody replied,

"Here is a man who knows what he is talking about, and you say that unless I silence him, you will not support the schools. I say if vital truth has to be sacrificed so that the schools live on, then let the schools die."1

Charles Finney, a revivalist, an evangelist, and a former Mason, said of Freemasonry,

"Would you have me cower before this enormously extended conspiracy? Or would you have me sear my conscience by shunning the cross, and keeping silence in the midst of the perils of both Church and State?"2

Men like Dwight Moody and Charles Finney are as rare as hen's teeth today, and our nation suffers as a result. Christians are called to be salt and light. Whether it be the individual preacher in the local church, or the corporate body of the denomination (SBC), a definitive stand must be taken with regard to Freemasonry. Its presence will weaken the church, stifle revival, and hamper evangelism.

Videos:  The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers and Ex Freemason SPEAKS OUT: 

Disclaimer: The young man in the above video on the right became a 7th Day Adventist after his salvation so I am not recommending you learn from him more than this testimony of his coming out of Freemasonry.  But his testimony out of Freemasonry is the most eye-opening one I've ever heard and super encouraging of how God is more powerful than them if we remain in Christ!